Student services and support programs


The Chaplain at Junction Park State School (JPSS) is responsible for supporting the social, and emotional wellbeing of students at JPSS. In particular though, they have a key role in supporting the spiritual wellbeing of students and their families, regardless of faith or beliefs.
What does a School Chaplain do?
At JPSS, our Chaplain is involved in a variety of activities with students that provide support and care:
  • Provision of pastoral care and personal support for students, staff and parents of the school community in cooperation and consultation with other school staff, when requested;
  • Providing care for students and families who express a desire to explore their spirituality, or who express a desire for their spirituality to be supported at JPSS (prior permission sought from parents via a consent form if child related);
  • Facilitating appropriate support and resources for school families in need;
  • Supporting the physical health of our students through involvement in school sport;
  • Projects to help continue the development of empathy and compassion in our students, and awareness of the needs of others.
  • Supporting our creative and cultural wellbeing through involvement in school events that relate to culture, creativity and harmony such as Harmony Day and NAIDOC Day.
  • Working with staff and parents to create innovative places and spaces for our students to shine, and new opportunities to nurture the "spark" of students at JPSS.   Our Chaplain assists with the J Club program and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.
The chaplain can assist with developing relationships and can assist the schools to make links to support services both within school and the wider community when required. The partnership between the school and the Chaplaincy Service, supported by community organisations, the Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC) and local churches, provides a network of local support and assistance when requested by families. 

The Chaplaincy Service is available to everyone in the school community.  Participation in the Chaplaincy service is voluntary. If you would like your child to be involved regularly, you will need to fill out a permission form which is available from Deb or the office.  Participation in any spiritual based programs also requires parental permission.

Who is the Chaplain at JPSS? 
Our Chaplain is Deb Pasley​.  Deb is available for “pastoral care” (one-on-one conversations), will be running support groups and will assist in referrals to other agencies where required.  She is also available to help any student, parent or staff member who needs support through a difficult time in their life.  On a day-to-day basis,  Deb aims to be a positive role model within the school, be involved in school programs, build relationships with students at break times on the playground, be involved in various school projects and programs such as J Clubs, and to be a listening ear. Deb is here on Mondays (8.30am - 4pm), Tuesdays (8.30am - 4pm) Please feel free to contact her to have a chat or make a time to come in for a coffee! Deb can be contacted via the school office or directly on

Is the service available to every member at JPSS?
As stated above, the Chaplaincy Service is available to everyone in the school community. Deb respects, accepts and is sensitive to other people’s views, values and beliefs that may be different from her own, including respecting the rights of parents/guardians to ensure the moral and spiritual education of their children is in line with the family’s own convictions. Chaplaincy services at JPSS are given freely to all without discrimination on the grounds of religious ideology, beliefs or sexuality. 
Last reviewed 01 June 2022
Last updated 01 June 2022