National Young Leader's Day

On Friday the 2nd of March my fellow young leaders and I took attended the National Young Leaders Convention at the Cultural Centre. We were all very excited.
The first speaker was John Coutis.  His mottos were:
  • always get out of your comfort zone
  • be the best that you can be, and
  • always find strength in yourself. 
Having listened to John, I learnt “No matter what challenges you face out of your comfort zone, you always need to find strength in yourself.”
The second speaker we listened to was Jack Heath, an author who taught us an acronym to help us understand leadership. G.R.O.S.S - Goal, Reason, Obstacles, Strategy and Start. After listening to Jack, I learnt that during projects in leadership there are always going to be obstacles that you need to avoid.
We then listened to Harrison Craig who taught us that no matter what challenges you face you can live your dream. This meant to me that no matter what I do when I’m older I can still be a happy person.
The final speaker was Holly Ferling; her motto was you don’t truly know what you’re capable of until you try. From listening to Holly I am going to try new things more often throughout my leadership role.
Overall, we had a great day and all of my peers are going to take this experience into later years of schooling. I would also like to recommend this experience to all young and ambitious leaders. It was a trip I will never forget and was very inspirational and inspired everyone to become the best leaders we can be.
By Sam R
John Coutis
John's inspiration was mainly explaining different choices that we could make using responsibility, knowing what is wrong and what is right, telling us to be the best that we can be together and inspiring and encouraging each other.  He explained what goals stand for and how to treat people the way you wish to be treated.
Jack Heath
Jack explained that we need to be proud of what we achieve and accomplish, to follow your dreams and goals, to follow your inspiration and to try everything. He told us to embrace things that will make each and every one of us stand out by our different skills and talents, what we can achieve and what we can do. Lastly, he explained what leader ship stands for.
Leadership defined as:
  • Goals - needing to accomplish a goal while being a leader.
  • Reasons - you need a reason for anything you do and what why you want to do it.
  • Obstacles - you need obstacles in your life, to face your fears.
  • Strategies - you need a strategy to overcome those fears.
  • Starts - and you need to start at a point where you are comfortable and ready to be a leader.
Harrison Craig
Harrison Craig told us to participate in everything, to live our dreams and achieve what you want to accomplish. He wants us to take that step to our goal, and to learn to overcome our challenges, to face our fears and make them into thoughts and to think about what is valuable for us.
Holly Ferling
Holly talked about failing and that when you fail you'll learn from it and fix that the next time. She said to find positives in all negatives and to make your thoughts mindful of how negatives can become positives. Her advice was to embrace the scary and feel the excitement.
What Have I Learnt
I have learnt about being a positive person and achieving goals, to always be ready to face your fears or something new and to wonder about what would be a good choice before taking action. I also learnt to reward others for what they have done and to participate in anything and everything and to fix the wrongs and turn them to rights.
By Caitlin V
The whole day taught me: the best you can be is by being yourself.  Something that inspired me was when Holly said you are never too young to be a leader.
By Sophie H By Jasper C-W
I learnt a lot of interesting things on the day like that you should treat people how you wish to be treated, and also follow your dreams and don’t give up.
By Jasper C-W
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Last reviewed 27 February 2020
Last updated 27 February 2020