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Senior school

Year 6 students can expect a busy and engaging year!
Leadership – the Year 6 students have the opportunity to apply for a leadership position. The positions available are: School Captains, School Vice Captains, Sport House Captains, Sport House Vice Captains, and Student Council Representatives. 
Teaching of the Year 6 Curriculum
This year sees the continued implementation of the National Curriculum. Year 6  students will be studying this curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science, History and Geography. Units of work in Mathematics, English and Science run for approximately 5 weeks, and, as a result, there are eight units of work for each of these subject areas over the year. History has two units to cover and Geography has two units taught during the year.
The units studied include short stories, advertising, news reports, literary texts and the transformation of texts.
Both year levels develop their understanding of number and place value, fractions and decimals, data, chance, measurement and money and financial mathematics. The students develop their geometric reasoning and understanding of patterns and algebra, as well as location and transformation.
Both year levels are studying change, energy and electricity, geologic and extreme weather events and life on Earth. They use simulations to plan and conduct fair tests and analyse the results of these tests.
There are two units which explore the development of the Australian nation and the diversity of our society. Students explore the period from the late 1800s to 1901. They then look at how Australian society changed in the twentieth century. There is also a focus on immigration stories and the factors which contributed to people migrating to Australia.
The focus in Unit 1 is the Asian region and then in Unit 2 students study Australia's connections with other countries. This is in terms of economic, demographic and social characteristics.