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Our Shared Vision

Junction Park State School
Shared Vision
September 2010
Junction Park State School is a creative and vibrant learning environment. Learning is stimulating, innovative and exciting. We support each other and care for each other. Our strength is our welcoming and inclusive community. We value individuals from all social and cultural backgrounds; everyone has ownership. We share the courage to change; to challenge the way we have always done things and to innovate in our teaching. We are a school where great ideas are embraced. We find and support the spark in every student. 
All members of our community share our vision to develop a love of learning and a life-long learner. We believe that learning outcomes are maximised by working collaboratively. We value strong partnerships between staff, students, parents, and community who are involved in and committed to our school. Communication in our school is open; all voices are heard and respected.  
We have the best staff with specialised skills. They are role models who inspire students to be the best they can be. Our teaching builds on students’ interests, strengths and learning styles.  Strategic early intervention sets the foundation for learning. Engaging learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom.  We have well resourced classrooms with up-to-date technology. Our students are eager to progress and reach new heights. Our school is recognised as a place where there are high expectations for students and staff. Our students have a rich repertoire of thinking skills and can generate ideas for themselves. Everyone is willing to give new ideas a go.
 We value the history of Junction Park State School. Our heritage buildings, school song and school motto, Fortitude and Fidelity, richly represent the history of our school. We are all part of the Junction Park extended family; together we care for our school resources, our outdoor environment and we are not wasteful. Our school environment is lush and green, supporting sustainable practices. Our whole school community takes responsibility for our environment.
We relate to each other with professional respect, courtesy and good humour. We work as a team and value different ideas. All staff are encouraged and mentored. Our Professional Development is targeted to specific goals that reinforce our whole school vision. It is continuous, consistent and has ongoing support. Through this our staff keep up with international best practice. We play to our strengths and always strive to improve.
We ensure that there are daily opportunities for every student to shine.
 Our core values
Support and caring for each other
Our strength is our community
We find and support the spark
Learning is stimulating, innovative and exciting
Courage to change