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Year 2 Lifecycle Classes

2R and 2A have made their own compost 'lasagne', layering up the different components of an active composting system in a newly decorated compost bin.  We placed shredded paper (from the office), food scraps, some dry grass, and manure in the bin and watered it.  Now we are waiting for the layers to 'heat up' and break down.  Once the compost is ready, the school can compost their own paper and fruit scraps daily.  How sustainable and spiffy are Year 2?

Well done 2R and 2A and thanks for being part of the compost lifecycle!

2K also decorated and set up three new worm farms as part of their lifecycle studies.  The colourful worm farms are currently installed in the front garden.  The students created a natural worm 'bed' with damp fibrous material then added juvenile tiger worms; we fed the worms with pigeon pea leaves and cut cabbage.  We noticed the worms preferred the dark, so after feeding them, we covered them with a damp blanket and placed a lid on the farm.  In the coming weeks, the worms will grow producing fertilizing liquid we can use to enrich our edible gardens.

Please take care not to disturb our worm farms whilst they are establishing their lifecycle.  Once established, we can feed our worms on our school scraps and garden leaves.

Well done 2K!  The worm farms look great and are helping to improve our waste management.