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Technology through the ages - 2A and 2KA


In 2A and 2KA we have been talking about how things have changed over time in history. For example, we examined old and new phones, toys, cars and many other everyday objects.

On Monday morning, we got to experience the way things were in the olden days with Miss Argyris, Ms Armitage and Ms Lynne. For example, we got to play with toys from the past such as jacks, marbles, spinning tops and the cup and ball game.

We also got to play with some old fashioned phones. We washed dirty tea towels using an old fashioned washboard and soap. It was really hard! After that we had a tea party on the verandah. We got to dress up in old fashioned clothes like skirts, vests, bonnets, top hats and scarves.

Then we went outside in our clothes to have a real tea party. We tried two different types of tea: lemongrass (which we cut ourselves) and cranberry and pomegranate tea. We also had butter and honey sandwiches. Finally, we got to experience some food preparation activities. For example, squeezing oranges with a manual juicer, sifting flour with a sifter and whisking eggs with a manual whisker in a bowl.

We had such a great time!  Thank you very much to Lynne Cargill for all of her help and for bringing her amazing collection of historical items for us to play with.