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Pyjama Day



What a great day!! Lots of students came to school in their PJ’s! Lots of teachers wore their PJ’s, too!

We had a great day of learning about homelessness and who is homeless. We discovered that around 20,000 people in QLD are homeless, and the biggest proportion of homeless people in QLD are under 12 yrs old. That was a bit of a shock to find out!

Lori, Anna and Karla from Micah Projects came to school to talk to us at first break and to tell us about a homeless family they helped last year. This family had 4 children – the youngest was only a baby – and the workers at Micah Projects were able to help find them a home. They also received some of the PJ’s we donated to Micah Projects last year.

The activities we did during break times to help us think more about home, homelessness and belonging included drawing a picture of our homes and talking about what we love about our home, reading a story called “Mutt Dog” about a homeless dog who eventually finds a new family to belong to, doing an activity where we had to choose the 5 item’s we would take with us in our bag if we became homeless and we had some sleeping bags for us to experience a bit of what it would be like to sleep rough on the streets on the hard ground.

Lori, Anna and Karla couldn’t believe the amount of PJ’s and sheet sets we donated this year! It filled up the boot of their van!! I took the money people donated and bought 7 more sets of flannelette sheets to donate, as well!

Thanks for your generous support of our local community and for participating in PJ Day this year!!