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Prep M News

On Thursday we said a sad farewell to Malia. We have enjoyed having Malia in our classroom and we wish her and her family the very best in their new endeavour in New Zealand. Hopefully this won’t be the last we hear from Malia and that she sends us postcards or emails from time to time. Good luck Malia from Prep M.
Sports Carnival
We will be having our Junior Sports Carnival in the not too distant future and part of that is putting the children into Sports Houses.  The breakdown is up on the glass in front of our classroom but here it is again:

​Fisher (green)











Dempsey (red)









Harvey (blue)






You can purchase your child’s sports shirt from the Uniform Shop.
School reports will be issued before the holidays.  At this stage we would be expecting that your child will be ideally at the ‘Working With’ or in the ‘Exploring’ phase.  Every child is different and if your child is at the ‘exploring’ phase, there is no need for concern.  Some children take time to settle into formal schooling and to grasp some concepts.  There is plenty of time until the end of the year and we find that some children hit their straps after the June/July break and even more are peaking after the September holidays.  The important thing is to support your child at home with their sight words and their reading.  I’ll be having interviews in week 4 of next term, when I get back from my holiday.
Home Readers
We are managing to change your child’s readers, on average, once a week.  However, if their readers aren’t in their home folders we can’t change them.  Please put their readers back in their folders every night.  I’m trying to arrange for books to be changed at least twice a week.  Also the printable booklets that are coming home are also there to supplement their reading.  Most children are now on the red sight words sheet and they are very excited about the change, but don’t forget to keep the Golden Words going at the same time.
Exercise and Fun
Exercise should be fun and enjoyable and in Prep M we are certainly embracing those concepts.  Lila’s Mum, Kay is coming in on Thursdays to do some wonderful balancing and stretching with your children, while Aurelia’s Mum, Kate, is coming in on Fridays to teach your child coordination and, hopefully, their left from their right (I’ve failed miserably in this endeavour J) through tap dancing.  The children are really enjoying these activities and we are hoping to have a ‘performance’ for parents towards the end of next term.
Replacement Teachers
The children have now met both of the replacement teachers – Mrs Glenda Sheaffe and Mrs Louise Strasser – who will be covering my absence between June 13th and July 26th. This will help them to settle quickly into the new routine.
Hats and Play
Junction Park State School is a Sun Smart school which means ‘no hat, no play’.  Also please label all clothing especially jumpers and hats as they can go missing at the main campus now that we are going over for first lunch every day.  Also we need their names on lunch boxes and water bottles for the same reason. 
Kay Monteith
Kaylene Newton