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Playground Project


At Junction Park there has been a need to upgrade the school playgrounds and to create an area for Senior Students to connect. A needs survey was completed and students and parents submitted their ideas and focus points for the playground. Two grants were applied for last year – one for the Junior Playground and one for the Senior Playground. The grant for the Senior Playground design came through. We have some grand ideas and visions but not all can be achieved with a small grant! So we focused on a few achievable goals within this grant and have several other ideas that we would love to have in the playgrounds if we can gain more funding!

The Senior Playground Grant has enabled us to create:

• Seating decks around the trees. These decks have already changed the play at school, eg kids are playing more creative games around the tree roots.

• Create a better flow between the oval and the Senior Playground and the Polities Pavilion (through removal of the fencing and changing some of the seating).

• Create a storage cupboard for play equipment so that there are more options at breaktimes.

• Swings (coming soon!) will be able to be used for kids who need to calm down or just have some fun.

• A Buddy Seat – This is a seat where a child can sit if they haven’t got someone to play with and they would like someone to come and ask them to join in with them.

• Painted games on the cement – both educational ones and also fun ones (eg naughts and crosses).

• Some fun “cobblestone” like areas around the seating.

There will be some workshops for children to be involved in the final stages of the playground.

Carolyn Fitzgibbon
Occupational Therapist