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Outdoor Learning Environment

A big OLE to 2A and 2KA who have joined the OLE program this term to go on a creative mathematical journey with shapes and patterns.  This week we used play doh to make 3D shapes of a pyramid, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism and a sphere. Next lesson, in small groups, we will be making clay beads in a number of shapes and decorated patterns.

It is perfect weather for classes to be outside, and last week 1S, 2R and Ms Susi’s art class were sharing the Outdoor Classroom and garden spaces, enjoying the sunshine. Photographed is 1S students playing a new eco game “collect the polystyrene balls.”   It fits in perfectly with the Science materials unit and helps to raise awareness.  Polystyrene balls can’t break down so they will stay in the soil, or be washed into the waterways and out to our oceans.  We need to get rid of these balls from the garden, so if you are enjoying the sunshine, pick up 10 or 50 and help our garden out.

Thank you very much to the families and members of the community who have left contributions of seedling trays, pot planters, potting mix and compost in the Greenhouse. Your generosity helps to develop our program.  We are currently looking for:

- unused keys,
- hanging planters, and
- ceramic pots.

Thank you!