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National Tree Day


On Friday we celebrated National Tree Day.  Many activities were planned throughout the day and our Eco Captains participated and helped support students at JPSS to be involved. One of the highlights for me was when the Botanist Chris Pennay from the Queensland Herbarium came and took us and 1D on a walk through the rain forest to explore canopy and leaves to see if our forest really is a rain forest. 

2A & 2KA along with us had the pleasure of exploring bees and their importance to our environment with Tobias Smith an Ecologist and founder of BEE AWARE. The other highlight of the day was when we were mulching with 3T, 2R and Year 5.  We needed to help support established trees, with keeping roots moist, insulating them from harsh temperatures, preventing weeds and soil compaction.  During this time we found a striped marsh frog which makes a pop sound and is known as the Pop Off Frog because of this. The scientific name is Limnodynastes Peronei, I challenge you to pronounce this.   Jarred then released this frog into our school's frog pond. Whilst we were digging holes ready for new trees, 2R participated in a creative exercise connecting tree characteristics of strong and wise with the things that make us strong and wise.  An example was -
I am a tree I grow strong with the choice I make.
I am a tree I grow wise with the friendships I make
With our Year 6 class we decorated a tree by yarn bombing it with crotchet squares. Make sure you have a look when you next pass through our school. Finally to end the day we had the whole school come out to watch the new Macadamia Tree being planted in our lovely front garden.
Thank you to Soraya for organising this great event along with her band of many helpers and to our special guests who shared their knowledge and love of the environment with us.
Mohammad K
Eco Captain